Soap Info

Thank you for your interest in our handmade, natural soaps. You may well be
asking yourself - why bother ordering soap? Isn't it all the same? In fact, it is
not. There is a vast difference in soaps, because the ingredients and
processing methods determine the characteristics of the end product. What
makes our soap special?

First are the ingredients used to make the base - the soap itself. Many oils and
waxes can be saponified - or turned into soap. And they all make a soap with
different properties. Olive oil and Rice Bran Oil make a very mild and gentle
soap, but one that is soft and lathers poorly.  Coconut Oil makes a very hard
bar and one that lathers well, but can be drying to the skin. We use a
combination of olive, rice bran, and coconut to get the skin care properties of
the soft oils, and the hardness and lather of the tropical oils.

Secondly, we use no artificial colors or preservatives.  We scent our soaps only
with natural essential oils and absolutes - never the synthetic fragrances so
many people are sensitive to.  That also means our soaps are phthalate free.

And thirdly, the process we use is called the cold process method. It is ill suited
to mass production on the scale of the grocery store varieties of soaps, but it
allows the small soapmaker to create a finely crafted product. Glycerin is a
naturally occurring by-product of the soapmaking reaction and with this method,
it is a part of the finished bar. With the continuous process used by much larger
manufacturers, most of the glycerin has to be removed as part of the
manufacturing process.

Another question we frequently hear "How can you sell handmade soaps for
these prices?".   Part of the answer is that our goal is to sell a quality, natural,
everyday soap at a good price.  We are very aggressive about seeking out the
best suppliers and buying supplies in bulk to hold down costs.  The other part
of the answer is our business philosophy - we like being a small business.  We
like dealing with our customers directly and getting your feedback.  For us
that's part of the fun.  We have no interest selling our soaps wholesale, so why
price our soaps with the usual wholesale/retail model?  We use the direct sales
model so we have no retail mark up - which means savings for you.   

How long does this soap last?  It lasts well as long as you keep it as dry as possible.  
These soaps are high in naturally occurring glycerin (good for your skin) so if they
sit in water, they will melt quickly.  We recommend a well draining soap dish that is
never in any pooling or running water. You will thank us later!     

But please - don't take our word for it - place an order today and see for
yourself. If you are not completely satisfied, return the unused portion for a full

And if we can answer any questions, we'd love to hear from you -