Soap Bars
Citrus Spice Soap Bar
A golden bar with a spicy, brown swirl and a citrus and spice scent. Approximately 4 oz.
Cocoa Butter Soap Bar
A Wonderfully rich soap Made with cocoa butter. Now with a new fresher, brighter scent. Approximately 4 oz.
Cucumber & Aloe Soap Bar
A pale, green bar with real cucumber and aloe juice added making for a very soothing bar with a fresh herbal scent. Approximately 4 oz.
Gardener's Scrub Soap Bar
No one can mistake this truly unique soap for the mass-produced commercial variety. A dark brown soap with a rich cinnamon scent. Cornmeal added to the mixture will scrub clean even the most zealous green thumb. Approximately 4 oz.
Gardener's Bath Soap Bar
Love the sound of Gardener's Scrub but need soap with more TLC? This is the same bar minus the cornmeal. Approximately 4 oz.
A homey and old-fashioned soap with goatsmilk added for its skin softening properties. Unscented, it comes as a cream colored bar. Approximately 4 oz
India Nights Soap Bar
A beautiful cream colored bar with charcoal and red swirls with an exotic scent highlighted by oil of patchouli. Approximately 4 oz.
Lavender Soap Bar
A lavender colored soap speckled with dried lavender flowers and richly scented with oil of lavender. Approximately 4 oz.
Milk & Honey Soap Bar
A goats milk soap marbled with honey scented with a rich and spicy sweet blend of essential oils. Approximately 4 oz.
Mint Julep Soap Bar
**Soap of the Month at a Special Price* A bold and brassy soap with a knockout peppermint scent. Grab this pale green bar for a bracing morning shower! Approximately 4 oz.
Stormy Weather Soap Bar
A blue on blue swirl with a clean, refreshing scent. Approximately 4 oz.
Windsor Soap Bar
Our version of this 19 th century standard. A dark brown bar with an unusual spicy scent. Perfect for the gentlemen in your life or for the lady who eschews frivolous scents. Approximately 4 oz.
Savon de Sel
Savon de Sel, A Unique Spa Treatment, Creamy Lotion-like Lather, Leaves Your Skin Wonderfully Soft
Almond Oil Soap Bar
A parchment colored bar rich with sweet almond oil and almond scent. Approximately 4 oz.
Honey & Oatmeal Soap Bar
A personal favorite! With the addition of honey and ground oatmeal this makes a great face soap. A honey colored bar with a warm, sweet scent. Approximately 4 oz.
Herbal Shampoo Bar
A soap specially formulated for your hair. Made with a base of coconut oil for lather and broccoli seed oil for manageability, we enrich this soap with herbal extracts, wheat and silk proteins, and honey. Scented with a clean and herbal blend of essential oils. Depending on your hair type you may need to use a vinegar rinse after shampooing - instructions are included. The rinse will detangle the hair follicles, seal the cuticle, and balance the hair's pH. Note: Consult your hair care professional before using a vinegar rinse on colored hair.
Alhambra Soap Bar
** Temporarily Out of Stock **Inspired by the Moorish palace, a beautiful bar with rose and taupe swirls scented with a fresh perfume of essential oils.
Rose Garden Bar
A pink swirled with rose bar richly scented with our own rose blend. Nothing smells like the real thing especially when it comes to rose.
Rosemary & Tea Tree Bar
A light taupe colored bar scented with Rosemary and Tea Tree - a refreshing and clean combination
Soap of the Month
Special Price
This Month Only!
Moonglow Soap Bar
This soap has a soft, blue swirl floating through a cream colored bar and a refreshing scent highlighted by spearmint. Approximately 4 oz.