The Vegetable Cart Cookbook
Our soaps are all handmade of 100% vegetables oils.  We use olive
and rice bran oil for the moisturizing qualities and coconut oil for the
hardness and lather.  They are all scented with natural essential
oils, absolutes, and floral waxes.  No synthetic colorants or
preservatives ever!  Free delivery for any additional soap you order
is an another perk of CSA membership.  For the general public we
offer free delivery for orders of $25 or more.   But since we can
deliver it along with your CSA, you get free delivery on ANY size
The Vegetable Cart CSA

Email us to check availability.

Get a weekly delivery of our Fresh, Locally Grown Produce along with a bi-weekly delivery of our
Natural, Handmade Soaps along with specially selected items from our farmer friends & family.  

We grow our crops as sustainably as we can without synthetic fertilizers or non-organic controls.  
We have sold our produce and soaps at local farmers markets and events in Central Texas for the
past 25 years.  But we know that making regular trips to a farmers market just doesn’t fit into
everyone’s schedule.  Now you can have the same fresh, local product delivered right to your

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture – it’s a contract between community members
and a farmer.  In return for your payment, you get regular deliveries of seasonal produce.  Our CSA
is structured a little differently from most.  Where many farms require a long term commitment (6
months to a year) ours is more flexible.  You purchase it 3 months at a time.  And where many
programs require you to share the risk with your farmer – in event of crop failure there are no
deliveries and no refunds - with ours if we should suffer a disaster and be unable to deliver
produce, you get the undelivered portion of your payment refunded.   What about when you’re on
vacation you ask?  You can hit the pause button and delay your delivery up to 4 times in a calendar
year, as long as you inform us at least 1 week in advance in advance.  What if you’re not home
when we deliver?  No problem, we can leave it at your door.  We just ask you provide us with a full
size cooler to put it in.  Our deliveries come in an insulated bag but the cooler will provide extra
protection against the weather and any four-legged visitors to your neighborhood.     

What will your weekly delivery look like?  Each week you will receive a selection of fresh produce
and a few times a year our jams, jellies, and pickles.  Every other week your delivery will include a
bar of our soap.  Optionally you can add our free range eggs and artisan baked goods to your
deliveries.    Some examples of what your deliveries could look like throughout the year –
Tomatoes (qt)
Cucumbers (qt)
Red Potatoes (qt)
Zephyr Squash (qt)
Cantaloupe (1)
Peaches (qt)
Okra (qt)
Bell Peppers (4)
Eggplant (qt)
Yellow Squash (qt)
Thyme (bunch)
Tomato & Basil Jam
Butternut Squash (2)
Broccoli (1)
Cabbage (1)
Collard Greens (gallon)
Lettuce (gallon)
Citrus Spice Soap
Swiss Chard (gallon)
Beets (qt)
Carrots (bunch)
Lettuce (gallon)
Turnips (qt)
Lavender Soap
Sounds good but you don’t know what to make with all kinds of produce?  No problem.  We’ll
help you.  Each week you will receive an email newsletter with news about what’s going on at the
farm, a little bit about what is in the weekly delivery, and a recipe for something in your delivery.  
We also maintain boards on Pinterest with many recipes for everything we grow.  You can check
them out any time you need inspiration.
One of your CSA options is to add eggs to your delivery.  
These are eggs from our free range chickens – a mixture of
brown, white, and green/blue eggs.  Free range means the
hens are not confined in any way – in fact they have the run of
about 20 acres!  The hens eat the bugs, worms, and greens
they find for themselves supplemented with hen scratch and
laying mash.  No antibiotics or cages.

Another CSA option is to add our artisan baked goods to your
weekly delivery.  Our baked goods and preserves are made on
our farm in accordance with the Texas Cottage Food Law.   
Our selection changes constantly but currently we bake French
Country Sourdough (Pain au Levain), Oatmeal & Molasses
Bread, English Muffin Bread, Dakota Bread, Focaccia, Swedish
Rye, Whole Wheat Bread, Cinnamon Swirl Bread, Cheese
Bread, Brioche, Honey Pecan Sticky Buns, Orange Marmalade
Rolls, Cranberry Orange Nut Bread, Apple Spice Bread, many
varieties of Scones, and Breakfast Bars.

We will be sending out a mailing with our initial CSA offering in
late April or early May.  If you would like to get this mailing
email us with your mailing address.  Thank you!

Your CSA delivery address can be a home or work address –
but it must be in the following zip codes: 78621, 78626, 78628,
78633, 78653, 78660, 78664, 78665, 78681, 78717, 78727,
78729, 78759